Best Pressure washer for cleaning your Beetle

The use of pressure washer has been increasing over time. A pressure washer is a water pump that is used to clean dirt, grease, etc. from your vehicle or buildings. It is powered by an electric motor. There are a variety of applications of the pressure washer. It is used to clean the mud, grease, grim, chewing gum, mold and it even removes the loose paints. It can be easily applied to clean surfaces like building, a concrete area and the most common application is for cleaning the vehicle.

Many times you need to put a lot of effort into cleaning your beetle. The best pressure washer for cleaning your beetle comes with specific tips and instructions.

  • Choosing nozzles/tips

The nozzles mostly come in interchangeable form and comprise of two types. One is the low-pressure one that cleans the detergent, and other come in high pressure to clean the stubborn mud from your vehicle. These color-coded tips come in varying angles, with the 0-degree angle delivering water with a powerful “punch” and the higher edges lowering the pressure.

  • Using chemicals

Every pressure washer comes with certain chemicals or detergents that are allowed to be used by them. The pressure components present in the appliance may get damaged by the use of other substances. And also the pressure components must be of a form that does not harm the environment.

  • Testing the power

The pressure washer needs to be tested for its power. So what is instructed is always start washing by keeping your wand a few feet away from your beetle. Then slowly bring it as close as 3-4 feet and move your wand from left to right to get the best results. The gradual movement is because the high pressure of washer can damage our vehicle.

  • Planning what to clean

While cleaning your vehicle the mirror, front glass or the body what needs to be cleaned must be taken care of. The pressure to be applied or tip angle depends on the area to be cleaned. The distance of the wand is also
maintained accordingly.

  • Pausing before rinsing

Once you have applied the detergent, wait for it to dissolve the mud than begin with pressure cleaning. The wait must not be so long that the detergent dries up. A maximum span of 5-10 minutes is sufficient.

The best pressure washer that is available in the industry is the Briggs and Stratton. It is ideal for use at home. It offers three spray tips and comes with the detergent injection method. Though it is incredibly light in weight, this does not affect the service it offers. It is because of the pressure of 2200 PSI that it is capable of maintaining. It is ideal for washing your beetles which may also include a truck or patios. The tip offers extreme versatility and performance.

Ensures you never waste any water while using a pressure washer. A little amount of wastage will surely be there, but it can be minimized to the maximum possible level. It can be done by controlling the pressure with the use of proper nozzle and maintaining the tip angle as well.

We must check instructions before using a pressure washer. Though several instructions have been mentioned above, every machine has its own do’s and don’ts. So please check the instructions before using the engine to ensure longer life of the pressure washer.

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