Exercises That Can Be Done Inside or With a Beetle Car

Being stuck in traffic and ending up at home later than planned should not mean that you have to shelve your exercise regime. In fact, it need not inconvenience you much at all There are several exercises you can do inside and around your Beetle car to keep yourself healthy and energized while boosting your fitness levels. Remember these are not the sort of exercises should not be attempted while the car is moving and for safety purposes, it is recommended to make sure the engine is off for some of these. Use your common sense!

Workouts for leg muscles
You can give your adductors a workout by putting a tennis ball between your knees and squeezing your inner thigh muscles. Hold for a few seconds, and repeat 5, 10, or 15 times depending on how strong you feel. How about strengthening your calves? Place your feet flat on the floor and do heel raises — again, pick a number and do the same amount for each leg. Make this a more challenging stretch by putting a ball underneath the ball of your foot.

A straightforward exercise is to stand on one leg and raise the other as high as you can This exercise builds strength and is one you can do either just before you start your drive or just as you finish.

Workouts for the upper body and core
While you probably haven’t got enough room to do a full sit-up in the car — although you can, by all means, try — you can still exercise your upper body and core. You can sit up straight and hold the muscles in your lower abdomen tight for 10, 15 or 20 seconds. This will help develop strength and fitness.

You can also use a similar technique for your glutes. Slowly build up the amount of time you hold the muscles for, aiming for up to a minute. Here’s another exercise which is good for pectorals: put your hands on your knees and without raising them to try to bring your elbows together. Repeat until you start to tire.

Workouts for arm muscles
You need a chair to perform tricep dips, right? Wrong. Use the bonnet, boot or door of your Beetle car to support yourself and strengthen your arm muscles by gently pushing up and down with your legs out in front of you.

Strengthen your arms by performing arm circles — but only do this if you don’t have a passenger in your car and certainly not if you are in traffic. Stretch your arms out (open your window first) and rotate your arms. Try to maintain a steady rate for 30 seconds and increase this time as you get stronger.

Car pushing workouts
You would hope that you’d never have to push your Beetle car to get it going, but a car pushing workout is an excellent way to build strength in your arms, legs, and core. Do not try this without some help as you will need someone to stop or steer the car if needed.

Make sure you get into a low position behind the car and spread your arms wide. Push off with your dominant foot and drive with your legs while pushing. Set yourself a target — either push the car a set distance or push for a specific length of time

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