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Welcome to the Last Edition Beetle, a website dedicated to the last 3000 Volkswagen (VW) Beetles produced in 2003 at Puebla, Mexico. However, we welcome all Volkswagen owners and enthusiasts to join our site and club because we’re here to love VWs.

Our Club

Our historic Last Edition Beetle club caters for owners of the last edition beetles and enthusiasts of this specific model and all other VW models. They include anything from classic beetles, bus, water-cooled, air-cooled and special editions.

At the Last Edition Beetle Club, you’ll feel right at home as you interact with other VWs enthusiasts and engage in fun club activities. You won’t just pass time at the club, but also engage in activities that you love.

If you’re looking to take your love or hobby of working on and driving VWs a notch higher, you’ll feel right at home with us. Members assist each other, and we also organize regular meetings where members can interact and share.

Moreover, the club is a perfect opportunity for networking and sharing ideas. You may meet your business partners at the club or even make new friends. The club is good for both your personal and business life, whether you work in the industry or not.

Welcome to our website for VW enthusiasts and owners. This site is dedicated to the Last Edition VW Beetles made in 2003. Last dition Beetle is also a home for lovers and owners of other historic and modern VWs.

We provide information on the Last Edition Beetle and strive to keep track of as many of the 3000 last-produced edition beetles, as possible. Besides sharing information on our website, we organize events to show off our ‘Última Edicións’ to the world.

We share a passion for cars and, most importantly, for VWs. At Last Edition Beetle, we enjoy spending time with like-minded persons who share our passions.

Our Mission 


  • To organize, promote and supervise meetings and outings for competitions, shows and meetings for our members.
  • To advance our hobbies as we have fun together.
  • Actively participate in helping members obtain discounts for genuine and OEM parts and accessories from Volkswagon and speciality shops.
  • To help our fellow VW enthusiasts, in our capacity, overcome technical and non-technical hurdles with their cars.

Our Vision


Our aim is to have fun, bring people of the same mind together and maintain an association of members united in the restoration and maintenance of VWs.
We endeavor to become a leading organizer of auto-events and offer our members the thrill of exploring the world together in cars they love.

Not able to tell you how happy I am with Last Edition Beetle Club. It’s just amazing. 

Terry Dames

Beetle Car is worth much more than I paid. It’s really wonderful to be part of this Club.

Randy Marcus

I love the car. Rock you guys! I am so glad with this Club.

Herberto Daniels

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