5 Auto Accessories to Give Your Volkswagen Beetle a Modern Touch

Volkswagen Beetle is a car of unmistakable style.


Most consumers agree that it’s worth buying this car.

Although 2019 was probably the last production year of the Volkswagen Beetle, this fantastic vehicle can be customized to your specifications.

One of the significant challenges of a Volkswagen Beetle is often the storage space, among other issues. Here’re a few auto accessories to give your Volkswagen Beetle a modern touch:

Top 5 Accessories to Modernize Your Volkswagen Beetle

1. Customize your space and storage capacity

Lighting is important to the ambiance of the inside of your vehicle. You can customize it with ambient lighting in a variety of colors to attain your perfect mood.

Choose your preferred color or create a sliding panoramic sunroof and install it onto your car. This improves air circulation and allows natural light inside.

You can customize your Volkswagen Beetle to accommodate the different number of people, ranging from a single seat to four seats. If you want to create enough space for solo trips, customize your car to open up the cabin space and create room for your cargo.

Install the Kaferfach heritage-inspired glovebox to boost your car’s retro look.

Additionally, you can install stylish storage inside the car for storing your personal items. For instance, if you’re into gaming, you’ll want storage for your guns and barrels.

Designed with greater accuracy, your ar 15 barrels support smoother use for best outcomes. Therefore, they need proper storage.

2. Install a bigger engine with sport mode

To boost your car’s power and speed, you can add the turbocharged 2.0 L TSI engine.


Even a better one that’s smarter has speed and provides more fun.

The turbocharged 2.0 L TSI has a high fuel economy rating. It also features a 6-speed automatic transmission that’s smooth and gives an almost flawless gear change and acceleration.

You may also prefer an engine that can let you switch your car to a high horsepower and torque sport mode.

3. Safety features for driver assistance and a rearview camera

You can add a rearview camera with a wide-angle lens for an easier sighting of all the obstacles behind as you reverse the vehicle.

You can also add a blind-spot monitoring feature to help you detect the objects you may not see while changing lanes.


A park distance control to make it simpler to get in and out of parking.

An audio sensor is also important. It gives an alert on the closeness to an obstacle, and a display of the vehicle’s position to an object; hence making driving safer.

4.  A mini-fridge electric cooler

Mini-fridges keep snacks and drinks at the right temperature when on a trip or going for a family picnic.

The pro of this feature is that when in need of extra space but not in need of the mini-fridge, you can leave it behind and place it anywhere.

The mini-fridge is capable of holding a maximum amount of food as you prefer. It should have various power adapters, be lightweight and versatile, and allow for comfortable relocation.

5. Massage cushion

Luxury is the dream of every car owner. A massage cushion precisely provides this when attached to a car seat. It’s made with rotating and heated nodes capable of soothing muscles. Pick one with a wide range of massage options.

You can change its intensity and positions as you desire. The positioning of the nodes is in a strategic position to suit your body curvature; hence they’re soothing and comfortable.


Everyone has a preference for massage cushions. This explains the importance of making specific changes to your valued Volkswagen Beetle for enhanced comfort. When you get into the car, it won’t be just an ordinary ride you want but more.

You also want luxury and comfort. It’s possible to customize your vehicle with different accessories to give it a modern touch.

The Volkswagen Beetle is a fantastic car.


Customizing it to meet your preferred modern specifications makes it even cooler.

However, it all depends on your preferred choice. Is it more space that you’re looking for, power and speed, or a stylish interior? The ability to add auto accessories to give your ride a modern touch is all you need.

By: Wilson Sanders

Date: July 11, 2020

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