9 Tips for Aspiring Last Edition VW Beetle and Kitchen Appliances Collectors

The Last Edition VW Beetle and other vintage cars, vintage appliances, art, coins, watches, vases, and so many other collector’s items will always increase in value. As a collector, the thrill of the treasure hunt keeps you on looking forward to the next item on the market.

If you are an aspiring Beetle or kitchen appliances collector, you need first to understand why collecting is such a great hobby. There are three reasons to collect:

  • You learn the history
  • You get the thrill of the hunt
  • The items increase in value and make you money in the future

Below are nine actionable tips for beginner collectors:

1. Think of the Right Display or Storage for you Collections

An art collector can simply hang their collections on walls in their house, problem solved. However, the Last Edition VW Beetle collector or kitchen appliance collector needs more space for their collections. You cannot collect a vintage car and then leave it in the sun or rely on the yawning at the back of your house. Your collections should not look like junk in an abandoned house. Instead, you need a room that looks like a museum. 

If you decide to collect water softeners, find a way to display them as if you are in a trade show. Water softeners and other kitchen appliances have come a long way. Today, a water softener is an excellent budget buy as they come compact more efficiently, but that is not how they have always been. As a collector, you will understand the difference, but you need a good display.

2. Create More Space in your Storage Space

Instead of creating another room for new collections, find a way to create more space in your garage or storage space. You can use hydraulic lifts to store the Beetles vertically and use shelves to hold spare parts. Ensure that everything is organized and out of the way.

For kitchen appliance collections, you can use shelves and aisles to keep everything organized.

3. Choose Themes To Guide You on Your Purchases

A classic item aficionado concentrates on styles, periods, and so many other factors to guide their collections. There are not many considerations when collecting the Last Edition VW Beetle, but there is a lot to consider when shopping for vintage kitchen equipment.

You need light items, have unique styles, or a rich history, and most people are seeking them.

4. Look What Other People Collect

You can join a local collectors’ club and see what other people are collecting. Instead of going for a freezer that no one else collects, you can go for stainless steel kitchen stoves used in the ’70s. When you collect what other collectors’ are searching for, you are guaranteed that your collections will increase in value.

There is also the social element of when you join and associations of collectors with the same interests as you. With cars and art, you can be unique and go for a specific brand or model but with a kitchen appliance, you need to be careful what you collect.

5. Attend Races, Auctions, and Expos

You will learn more about your collections when you attend races (for the VW Beetle), auctions, and expos. While there, you can see the items that people collect more and which have more value. For the VW Beetle, the car comes alive when you race with other people who care about collections.

It is where you understand the trends in collections.

6. Watch out for Memorabilia

The best collections are items created by innovative engineers and companies that cared about every item they produced. Before you buy a kitchen appliance to add to your collection, research on obscure brands – no one wants an appliance that was poorly-designed during its heydays. 

You can gather catalogs, posters, models, and books on your collections to learn more about them.

7. Network with Like-Minded Collectors

You cannot attend every auction or expo. As such, it helps if you know a few collectors whose tastes match yours. When a good collector’s item comes up for sale, and you are not around to inspect it, you can ask another collector to do it for you. As long as the collector understands your taste, they can represent you in an auction.

8. Decide the Repairs you Can Tackle

Maintenance and repair work is can either be work or pleasure for you. Understanding how handy you are allows you to choose the best collections. If you know nothing about water softeners, it would be best if you never bought one until you are sure of what you are getting into. You can also hire an expert to inspect items before you buy them.

9. Make it a Hobby

If you are collecting the Last Edition VW Beetle hoping it will increase in value so you can make a few hundred bucks, you will be frustrated. It is best if you make collecting a hobby as you will be more interested in the next best collector’s items.

By: Wilson Sanders

Date: June 19, 2020

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