About Last Edition Beetle

We provide information on the final batch of 3000 Beetles produced in Volkswagen’s factory in Puebla, Mexico, and an online meeting place for their owners and enthusiasts. VW Mexico designated these cars ‘Última Edición’, Beetles, and this Spanish name has been widely anglicised as ‘Last Edition’. You may also see it translated as ‘Final Edition’ or ‘Ultimate Edition’, but as ‘Last Edition’ seems to be the most common variant, that’s the one we’ve used throughout this site.

Visit the 1978 Last Edition Beetle website Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a batch of VW bugs have been assigned the name ‘Last Edition’. When European production ceased at the Emden factory in Germany back in 1978, the last 300 cars exported to the United Kingdom were supplied with individually numbered plaques declaring them to be… yes, you’ve got it, ‘Last Edition’ Beetles ! If you’re looking for information about these earlier vehicles, you should visit our sister site at www.lasteditionbeetle.org