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Last Edition Beetle was born from a passion for VWs. Together with an appreciation for all things auto and motor-related, our founders were inspired to establish this platform.

We’ve enjoyed driving, gathering information, writing and creating the best memories from our last edition, VW Beetles. This is something we’ve done for over a decade.

Over the years, and with the help of an ever-growing team, we’ve established an exclusive club for VW owners and lovers. Our ever-expanding calendar of events is open to all members. Some of our events are available to both members and outside guests.

In the formative years, we only reached members of our locality. However, we have reached so many enthusiasts and VW owners beyond our borders through the internet. Our online platform has made it possible for thousands worldwide to learn about us and join our team.

Even users who haven’t been able to join our club have had a chance to become members of our online community. They follow on their passions from their remote locations and engage with other like-minded user. Members of our online community share experiences, passions, interests and accord help to members who need it. Our platform is always abuzz with activity and people discussing topics close to their heart.

 We moderate these communities to ensure that all users comply with our guidelines. This ensures that everyone’s interests and those of our community are protected.


We offer advice on restoration, maintenance, preservation, modifications, parts, performance, and so much more through our website. We only publish authoritative and factual information that’s of use to our community.

At the Last Edition Beetle, we’re all about VWs and anything else that’s related. Feel free to contribute to ongoing discussions and offer your help to others. We’re your go-to place for information, advice and discussions about VWs.

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