Welding Considerations for Your VW Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle is a unique and rare vehicle to find. It was one of the first sets of automobiles ever produced that had its production halted years ago, after several decades of dominating the automobile space. VW Beetle represents a distinct era in humanity’s existence, and as such, if you possess one at this age and time, consider yourself lucky. They’re so unique that special editions are placed in modern-day museums for millennials to feel the old world. 

Due to its status as a unique, rare, vintage vehicle, properly maintaining a VW Beetle is highly essential. One of the ways of doing this is by replacing broken or lost body parts through the process of welding.

As a proud owner of one of the editions of this exclusive automobile, your car must have at one time or the other run into some auto-related metal work problems, like rusty patches, undone body parts that need replacing, roof leakage, etc. Each time this happened, you probably spent lots of money on welding and fabricating the old lady into shape, and now, you’re starting to get tired. Well, here’s a piece of good news for you; with the right tools and strict adherence to safety rule, and a little ingenuity, you can do those metal works yourself. Doing this will save you tons of cash.

Welding is a simple, yet complicated task. It involves the joining of metals or thermoplastics and heating pieces to melt together. When embarking on a welding procedure for your VW Beetle, there’re certain factors you need to consider. These factors will ensure you achieve your aim and come up with an impressive result.

1. Welding Process

There’re lots of welding methods used for several fabrication activities. The choice of which one to deploy at a particular time depends on some factors. They include the material to be welded, equipment available to carry out that specific task, and, sometimes, the operator’s experience level. 

Some of the methods include inert tungsten gas (TIG) welding, used for high-quality precision welding. Here, a tungsten electrode and an inert gas are instrumental. Another way is the inert metal gas (MIG) welding, in which an electrode made of similar material as the object welded takes prominence. Other methods include gas welding (which uses two gas-filled cylinders) and shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) – during which a flux covered electrode is useful.

2. Safety

When it comes to welding, safety is paramount. Welding operations subject those who undertake them to a wide range of hazards. Therefore, you must stay informed on the risks they pose and make efforts to safeguard yourself. Safety and health hazards associated with welding operations include exposure to fumes from metal and ultraviolet rays, burns, eye damage, electrical shock, injury to body parts, etc.

These hazards can be prevented and controlled through strict adherence to safety rules and personal protective equipment (PPE). The use of high-quality safety glasses and safety helmets are necessary, so you don’t harm your eyes. Other protective gears you should have are a fire-resistant jacket, gloves, boots, etc.

3. Material

To achieve an impressive result, considering the type of material in terms of nature and welding thickness is highly essential. Some methods are best suited for specific materials. You must know the kind of metal your VW Beetle is made of before you introduce a welder to it. Some welders don’t work on some metals, while others work on several metals. Take the MIG welder, for instance; it can’t be used on aluminum because it involves using a wire feeder and cable, which doesn’t react well with aluminum.

4. Welding Equipment

In welding your VW Beetle, the equipment to be used is another primary consideration. Materials are what get the job done; hence, you have to make sure you have the right tools. Some of them include welder (stick or MIG), electrodes, wire and electrode feeds, angle grinder, wire brushes, C-clamps, etc.

Besides the essential equipment, you also need safety equipment. Protective gears should be made available before embarking on a welding task to avoid injuries and other hazards.


Welding isn’t rocket science; it’s a task you can quickly learn. Being able to weld your car will not only save you money; it’ll allow you to explore your creativity. Being an automobile with a considerable amount of metal parts, a VW Beetle is prone to welding operations to keep functioning and relevant. Taking cognizance of the factors above will go a long way in making informed decisions regarding metal works.

5 Auto Accessories to Give Your Volkswagen Beetle a Modern Touch

Volkswagen Beetle is a car of unmistakable style.


Most consumers agree that it’s worth buying this car.

Although 2019 was probably the last production year of the Volkswagen Beetle, this fantastic vehicle can be customized to your specifications.

One of the significant challenges of a Volkswagen Beetle is often the storage space, among other issues. Here’re a few auto accessories to give your Volkswagen Beetle a modern touch:

Top 5 Accessories to Modernize Your Volkswagen Beetle

1. Customize your space and storage capacity

Lighting is important to the ambiance of the inside of your vehicle. You can customize it with ambient lighting in a variety of colors to attain your perfect mood.

Choose your preferred color or create a sliding panoramic sunroof and install it onto your car. This improves air circulation and allows natural light inside.

You can customize your Volkswagen Beetle to accommodate the different number of people, ranging from a single seat to four seats. If you want to create enough space for solo trips, customize your car to open up the cabin space and create room for your cargo.

Install the Kaferfach heritage-inspired glovebox to boost your car’s retro look.

Additionally, you can install stylish storage inside the car for storing your personal items. For instance, if you’re into gaming, you’ll want storage for your guns and barrels.

Designed with greater accuracy, your ar 15 barrels support smoother use for best outcomes. Therefore, they need proper storage.

2. Install a bigger engine with sport mode

To boost your car’s power and speed, you can add the turbocharged 2.0 L TSI engine.


Even a better one that’s smarter has speed and provides more fun.

The turbocharged 2.0 L TSI has a high fuel economy rating. It also features a 6-speed automatic transmission that’s smooth and gives an almost flawless gear change and acceleration.

You may also prefer an engine that can let you switch your car to a high horsepower and torque sport mode.

3. Safety features for driver assistance and a rearview camera

You can add a rearview camera with a wide-angle lens for an easier sighting of all the obstacles behind as you reverse the vehicle.

You can also add a blind-spot monitoring feature to help you detect the objects you may not see while changing lanes.


A park distance control to make it simpler to get in and out of parking.

An audio sensor is also important. It gives an alert on the closeness to an obstacle, and a display of the vehicle’s position to an object; hence making driving safer.

4.  A mini-fridge electric cooler

Mini-fridges keep snacks and drinks at the right temperature when on a trip or going for a family picnic.

The pro of this feature is that when in need of extra space but not in need of the mini-fridge, you can leave it behind and place it anywhere.

The mini-fridge is capable of holding a maximum amount of food as you prefer. It should have various power adapters, be lightweight and versatile, and allow for comfortable relocation.

5. Massage cushion

Luxury is the dream of every car owner. A massage cushion precisely provides this when attached to a car seat. It’s made with rotating and heated nodes capable of soothing muscles. Pick one with a wide range of massage options.

You can change its intensity and positions as you desire. The positioning of the nodes is in a strategic position to suit your body curvature; hence they’re soothing and comfortable.


Everyone has a preference for massage cushions. This explains the importance of making specific changes to your valued Volkswagen Beetle for enhanced comfort. When you get into the car, it won’t be just an ordinary ride you want but more.

You also want luxury and comfort. It’s possible to customize your vehicle with different accessories to give it a modern touch.

The Volkswagen Beetle is a fantastic car.


Customizing it to meet your preferred modern specifications makes it even cooler.

However, it all depends on your preferred choice. Is it more space that you’re looking for, power and speed, or a stylish interior? The ability to add auto accessories to give your ride a modern touch is all you need.

9 Tips for Aspiring Last Edition VW Beetle and Kitchen Appliances Collectors

The Last Edition VW Beetle and other vintage cars, vintage appliances, art, coins, watches, vases, and so many other collector’s items will always increase in value. As a collector, the thrill of the treasure hunt keeps you on looking forward to the next item on the market.

If you are an aspiring Beetle or kitchen appliances collector, you need first to understand why collecting is such a great hobby. There are three reasons to collect:

  • You learn the history
  • You get the thrill of the hunt
  • The items increase in value and make you money in the future

Below are nine actionable tips for beginner collectors:

1. Think of the Right Display or Storage for you Collections

An art collector can simply hang their collections on walls in their house, problem solved. However, the Last Edition VW Beetle collector or kitchen appliance collector needs more space for their collections. You cannot collect a vintage car and then leave it in the sun or rely on the yawning at the back of your house. Your collections should not look like junk in an abandoned house. Instead, you need a room that looks like a museum. 

If you decide to collect water softeners, find a way to display them as if you are in a trade show. Water softeners and other kitchen appliances have come a long way. Today, a water softener is an excellent budget buy as they come compact more efficiently, but that is not how they have always been. As a collector, you will understand the difference, but you need a good display.

2. Create More Space in your Storage Space

Instead of creating another room for new collections, find a way to create more space in your garage or storage space. You can use hydraulic lifts to store the Beetles vertically and use shelves to hold spare parts. Ensure that everything is organized and out of the way.

For kitchen appliance collections, you can use shelves and aisles to keep everything organized.

3. Choose Themes To Guide You on Your Purchases

A classic item aficionado concentrates on styles, periods, and so many other factors to guide their collections. There are not many considerations when collecting the Last Edition VW Beetle, but there is a lot to consider when shopping for vintage kitchen equipment.

You need light items, have unique styles, or a rich history, and most people are seeking them.

4. Look What Other People Collect

You can join a local collectors’ club and see what other people are collecting. Instead of going for a freezer that no one else collects, you can go for stainless steel kitchen stoves used in the ’70s. When you collect what other collectors’ are searching for, you are guaranteed that your collections will increase in value.

There is also the social element of when you join and associations of collectors with the same interests as you. With cars and art, you can be unique and go for a specific brand or model but with a kitchen appliance, you need to be careful what you collect.

5. Attend Races, Auctions, and Expos

You will learn more about your collections when you attend races (for the VW Beetle), auctions, and expos. While there, you can see the items that people collect more and which have more value. For the VW Beetle, the car comes alive when you race with other people who care about collections.

It is where you understand the trends in collections.

6. Watch out for Memorabilia

The best collections are items created by innovative engineers and companies that cared about every item they produced. Before you buy a kitchen appliance to add to your collection, research on obscure brands – no one wants an appliance that was poorly-designed during its heydays. 

You can gather catalogs, posters, models, and books on your collections to learn more about them.

7. Network with Like-Minded Collectors

You cannot attend every auction or expo. As such, it helps if you know a few collectors whose tastes match yours. When a good collector’s item comes up for sale, and you are not around to inspect it, you can ask another collector to do it for you. As long as the collector understands your taste, they can represent you in an auction.

8. Decide the Repairs you Can Tackle

Maintenance and repair work is can either be work or pleasure for you. Understanding how handy you are allows you to choose the best collections. If you know nothing about water softeners, it would be best if you never bought one until you are sure of what you are getting into. You can also hire an expert to inspect items before you buy them.

9. Make it a Hobby

If you are collecting the Last Edition VW Beetle hoping it will increase in value so you can make a few hundred bucks, you will be frustrated. It is best if you make collecting a hobby as you will be more interested in the next best collector’s items.

Creative Ways to Re-purpose Your Old VW Beetle to Beautify Your Yard

Do you have a vintage VW Beetle that you can’t drive anymore? The Beetle will never lose its beauty on or off the road. If yours is still in good shape, you can have it refurbished and sent back on the road. However, if your Beetle is no longer functional, you can use it to beautify your yard.

The sight of a Beetle with glorious colors on your yard will add so much beauty. If you need a minimalist backyard design, painting your Beetle and choosing a focal position will do the trick. While painting, you can choose a black color that goes with the theme of your yard, textured colors or patterns, or even paint animals – whichever moves your needle. Below are amazing ways to upcycle your car to beautify your yard.

Using the Beetle as a Planter

With time, most parts on your VW Beetle will fall off. At such times, the Beetle will no longer look as beautiful on colorful paints, but you can still use it to create a beautiful yard. When the doors or windows fall off, you can use the Beetle as a planter for climbing flowers. These flowers can creep from inside the Beetle and grow outwards and outwards.

Using your Beetle as a planter gives you a chance to plant a cluster of flowers in one place instead of using pot planters that will only take a few small-sized flowers.

Use the Seats for Your Outdoor Living Space

Do you grill over the weekend with friends and family? A good grill will be a worthwhile investment, but you need good quality seats too. You can re-purpose the seats of your Beetle into beautiful seats for your outdoor living space.

You might need to create the seat legs and back support with wood to make the seats stable.

Painting the Beetle for your Pets

If you have a furry friend who sleeps outside the main house, you can re-purpose the Beetle into a creative kennel. Dogs love comfort, so instead of building the conventional kennel, re-purpose your Beetle.

While re-purposing the Beetle into a kennel, make it as cozy as possible for your dog while still maintaining an elegant exterior to beautify your yard.

Re-purpose the Beetle into a Kid’s Play Structure

Kids love playing with cars. If you have an old Beetle, you can re-purpose it into a play structure. While doing so, you only need to make the Beetle safe enough for your kids. Ensure that any rusted parts were painted, and sharp parts are removed or covered.

The Beetle, when well painted, can be a play structure by itself, or you can have it as part of a larger wooden play structure. Either way, the kids will love it.

Re-purpose Beetle Parts

If the Beetle is completely broken down, you can re-purpose parts of the car that are still in good shape. Find a place in your yard that can use the doors of the car. You can use these doors as small gates to your kitchen garden. Paint the small gates to match the theme of your outdoor living space.

You can use the tires to create decorative art around the focal point of your yard. These tires can make simple crafts such as caterpillars formed by attaching the side of the tire by side or sophisticated crafts such as art motorcycles using tires. You can also re-purpose the tires and rims into creative seats for your outdoor space – one or two tires for the seat and one tire for the backrest.

If the lights of your Beetle are still functional, you can use them to light up your yard in a decorative manner.


The VW has been on the roads since 1938 – and it is still on the roads in 2020. Over the years, the coupe has seen drastic changes, including upgrades on its technology systems, safety systems, and even its shape. Although its trademark shape still holds, the Beetle has been made more aerodynamic and a little larger. If you have an old Beetle, it is time to use it as décor on your yard and get a newer model with better features, higher speed, safer, and one with a better vintage look. The old car, when used creatively, will make your yard better looking

How to take The Hottest Automotive Photography

There is the power of a perfect photo shoot in automotive photography. The purpose of the photoshoot is also a guiding principle on how you should take the photo. When you want to register your automotive on a car competition, you want to get the best shot since this is the image that they will use to decide on whether you fit to join your competition. Ambrosio photography attests to the fact that it is important to take advantage of the camera settings on your digital camera to get that perfect look. After all, they are not just there for the beauty they all have a purpose. If you have never thought of learning skills in car photography then this is the time. Here are a few tips you need to understand in car photography

Capture the interior

The car is not just the outer surface. Someone should look at the image and straight think of getting a view of the interior design. This means that the outer look is appealing to the eye, thanks to the camera settings that enhance a cars look. It is from a picture that someone can even judge the performance of the car while out there on the road.

Be creative and shoot the fine details

Everyone has seen a car even in a magazine. There are numerous images sent to the competition committee. Ask yourself, what will make the panelists take time to view your car before they make the crucial decision- a unique feature. Move away from the norm and shoot some of the rear features available on the car without exaggeration.

Shoot in a unique environment

Look at most of the car advertisements, they portray the car driving in a rugged landscape to just prove the endurance level of the car. This is the same concept that you should also emulate. Get away from shooting at the parking lot, think of areas where it is not normal to get a car and use this location as your area of the photoshoot.

Display the car’s unique features

A car has its unique features. All of them can be driven but what is it that enhances the drivers and passengers comfort. This is the phenomenon that the manufacturers use to sell the benefits of the car in the competitive automotive market. These are the features that you need to display to get attention among the car competition panelists.

Use vertical car positioning rather than horizontal position

There is the power of a car photoshoot in a vertical position. It enhances the physical look of the car, the horizontal position hurts the display since they tend to enhance the horizontal length of the image making it look fake. Besides, the lens position is also tilted which is ideal when taking images that want to capture and enhance the background. A close-up photograph is ideal for a car photo.

As much as one may focus on the outer environment in car photography you also need to get the right camera settings. This includes the lighting system which determines the mode that you wish to send the camera. Get the right shot of your image using these tips.


A washer dryer is an electronic machine combined with the washing machine and clothes dryer. The key benefit of a washer dryer unit is that they are very useful in many different types of applications. Washer dryer is important machines in the modern world because they help in very many ways such as making work easier. The best washer dryer brand is an efficient one.

In the resent world, machines such as washer dryer are very significant because they help in easing work. A washer dryer is one of the critical elements that as important in the life of an individual who is busy with daily activities and wants to make work easier. It is important to learn that such technology should be highly valued in the modern world because of its great contributions. It has contributed to a more digital world and therefore facilitated the utilization of human resources.

It had ensured that the available resources such as energy are deployed in the most maximum way to help people who work hard every day. The benefits of a washer dryer will be outlined in this article. This article herein illustrates the benefits of a washer dryer for your beetle.

Saves space and portable.

Firstly, a washer dryer saves space. This can be considered as the best benefit of a washer dryer. A washer dryer id combined of two elements as mentioned earlier. It includes the dryer and the washer. It combines the dryer and the washer into one package instead of having two huge appliances. It is also portable because of its combination and therefore easy to carry around to the cleaning area

It uses less energy and water

A combined washer dryer only requires about 115-volt plug and used 316Kwh of electricity, therefore, saving up to $35 a year on your utility bills. A washer dryer uses less and cooler water. Compared to an average machine, it can save you an average of 2,000 gallons of water yearly. If you are washing a small load to laundry it is important to ensure that you use a reasonable amount of water.

It is efficient and easy to use

Due to its combination, a washer dryer tends to use less water than most of the top load washers because of its technology. They are easy to use since they have timers, these timers help in estimating the time that one is ready to pick the laundry. One has the ability to put their laundry in and they will be washed then dried. It also has the hot to the warm button which helps to regulate the temperature. Washer and dryer unit helps saves time in that, time used to wash laundry is less compared to hand washing were to clean clothes and then place them in a hanging line to dry. The washer dryer does the work simultaneously.


In conclusion, the best washer dryer brand for your beetle is one that is efficient and cost-effective. It is important to know that different types of washer dryer functions differently and therefore it is always important to choose a washer dryer unit that abides by the code.

Positive Effects of Soft Water to Cars

Using soft water in your daily basis has more benefits compared to using hard water That is why most manufacturers usually recommend using the soft water when cleaning their products. There are many ways of getting clean water, and your options are using the water softeners, reverse osmosis, lime softening among others. Water softeners usually play a significant role, especially when used in a car wash system.

pexels-photo-372810 (1)
A water softener enables you to remove chemicals such as calcium and magnesium that makes water hard. When water has high levels of these chemicals, they usually cause several damages to the car without being noticed. In our homes, these water clogs the pipes, complicates soap and other detergents. When the scale builds up in the pipes, the efficiency is significantly reduced resulting to wastage of energies. Here are the benefits of using soft water when cleaning a car:

1. Protects cars from water spots
A Water spot is a problem for car owners. These unsightly spots are usually caused by acidic contaminants, inefficient and continuous use of hard water for general cleanliness. A water softener is one way of addressing these issues. To begin with, soft water enables you to wash a car faster compared to hard water. Second, since the minerals in the water will be removed, no spots will be left behind. Third, the absence of particles makes it a magnet for contaminants like dirt, dust, acids from rain, and so on.

2. Prevents scratches
As said in number 1, soft water draws in contaminants. So you will require less effort or stiff brushes and brutal synthetic concoctions that can cause terrible whirls and scratches that may need costly body repairs later on.

3. Saves time
A few users bear witness soft water enables them to save the cleaning time significantly. If you have been washing your car for three hours, for instance, you will be able to spare about 90 minutes which you can use for something else like playing with your children or connecting with your loved ones.

4. Saves water
Furthermore, since you get the chance to flush a car speedier, you spare a ton of water in return. So if you have been devouring 20 gallons of water for car washing at the car wash, you’ll be able to reduce it to 10 gallons for every wash.

5. Saves energy
Since you will save a lot of time from washing and drying, you’ll save a lot of energy as well Car wash workers will be able to handle a lot of cars without getting exhausted thus improving their general income.

6. Saves money
With soft water, you can save some cash from not purchasing extra detergents or extra tools for cleaning the cars. All you require are two containers, microfiber towels, some natural cleanser, and the soft water. In return, you will save some cash.

7. Protects the environment
Also, since you don’t need to use excess chemicals that pollute soil, drainage system and groundwater, you help to keep the environment clean as well.

What it is Like to be an Automotive Welder?

Being an automotive welder is such a good activity w which is something that you can do as a past time or a career. It is one job that you will do with passion and will define how you work. Every day comes with its own share of challenges. You wake up today with a simple job and tomorrow it is yet another difficult task. What you need to do is just to handle what comes in your way. In fact, you can use technology to your advantage. It is one career which you have to do your best. There is no room for trial and error in this job.

There is much application which you can download and install to give you an idea of what it is to have unique designs. You really do not have to use the entire concept, you use the pre-designed templates to give you an idea of what you really require for a unique and beautiful design. In the era of technological advancement, there are tools which come in handy to show people your works. There might be times when someone will see your works and can be your potential client. Later on, when they tell you that they saw this one post online about you. For sure, it’s the time when you will surely appreciate technological advancements.

As an automotive welder, it is not easy to get sick because it is a work that requires physical activity which in its own right is a form of exercise. On the flip side, this is also a risky activity. When you do not take safety precautions it is an activity which can give you permanent health challenge. For example, it is an activity which exposes you to so much ultraviolet rays. This is the time you must have not just a helmet but a quality helmet to prevent the eyes from damage. In addition, you also have to take precautions to completely cover your head. It is something delicate that you will never get a replacement. You must have a comfortable and a tough helmet which can make any blunt objects, in this case, metal to bounce back and not to you cause harm. Look at all these scenarios, you have to be in a helmet, a gull automative welder gear, and a welding maching that has grinding feature. It is for this reason that you must have a balanced life. This is your job you are your own boss. Plan for your self so that you do not just bury yourself in the welding works but also have a fruitful lifestyle by engaging in social and spiritual activities so that you live a wholesome life.


At the end of the day, being an automotive welder can be fulfilling in such a way that you can create or fix cars that are very helpful in transporting people. It is risky but because of innovation,  manufacturers have gone a notch higher and made a clothing that is comfortable and safe for welders.

Canon Camera For Beetle

 Photography is the art of captu8108347904_4517941027_bring the magic in moments that may be as trivial as day to day activities or as grand as wildlife vistas. There’s no dearth of amazing subjects that can be captured through the lens of a camera. A well-taken photo is capable of showing a perspective different than we’re used to and lets us see the world in a way that other people see it.

Photography as a hobby is more popular now than it has ever been before. This is because cameras are much cheaper to produce nowadays and are much more widely available as a result. Smartphone cameras are the most popular for taking photos since people always have their phones with them. Unfortunately, though, they don’t perform as well as dedicated camera modules and usually don’t have any sort of optical zoom functionality.

If you’re serious about photography, you’ll to use a dedicated camera unit from a reputed manufacturer. Among the well-known camera brands, Canon stands out as one of the best. Their cameras offer superior image quality at a reasonable price.

Cameras(www.thecamcritic.com/canon-rebel-t5-vs-t5i/) come in all sorts of price ranges. They start at the entry level price range where it’s just a basic digital camera and go all the way up to professional level gear that’s loaded with every feature that a camera can possibly have. Canon services both of these market segments and everything in between.
nature photography: ladybird beetle sitting on canon camera lens cap with textured black background
There’s a Canon camera in every market segment and every price range. Of course, just like any other manufacturer, some of their cameras stand out as being the best in their price bracket. However, regardless of your budget, you can never go wrong with Canon. The brand offers great value and features in all of their cameras.

Across their entire range, Canon cameras all share some common characteristics. The most noticeable of these is the premium build quality. Cameras sold by Canon are all well-built and made with sturdy materials. The hefty weight in hand is indicative of the fact that it’s a premium product which will last you a good length of time.

To a person who’s just starting to discover the vast world of photography, a Canon camera is highly recommended. While you could go for a cheap digital model, try to buy at least an entry-level DSLR. A DSLR offers vastly superior image quality. This is due to the fact that it uses much a larger lens and has a bigger sensor. These two factors allow a DSLR to capture more light and produce a better image as a result.

Once you get a Canon camera, what should you photograph? Cars always make for great subjects. They’re easy to shoot as they’re large and don’t move around. At the same time, they also look great, with their shiny metallic surfaces. When it comes to unique looking cars, Volkswagen’s Beetle comes to mind. The Beetle is one of the most iconic cars to be created. It’s curvy looks and small dimensions make it stand out from the sea of average cars. These aspects make it a great choice for a photographic subject. Using a Canon camera for Beetle photos is ideal because they capture the most detail and will be able to show the car in its best light.