Canon Camera For Beetle

Canon Camera For Beetle

 Photography is the art of capturing the magic in moments that may be as trivial as day to day activities or as grand as wildlife vistas. There's no dearth of amazing subjects that can be captured through the lens of a camera. A well-taken photo is capable of...

Tips on Maintaining Vintage Cars

Having a vintage is like keeping a part of the history at your very garage. Like a piece of art, archaeological discovery, and an antique furniture, it is very important that you are careful enough to maintain its beauty and functionality. Here are some basic tips...

The Evolution of Volkswagen Beetles

During this year, Ferdinand Porsche designed the “People’s car”, or also known as the Volkswagen. The first prototype had a 700cc air-cooled 4-cylinder engine, and a 22.5 horsepower. As soon as the war is over, Volkswagen commenced the mass production of the beetle,...

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