Creative Ways to Re-purpose Your Old VW Beetle to Beautify Your Yard

Do you have a vintage VW Beetle that you can’t drive anymore? The Beetle will never lose its beauty on or off the road. If yours is still in good shape, you can have it refurbished and sent back on the road. However, if your Beetle is no longer functional, you can use it to beautify your yard.

The sight of a Beetle with glorious colors on your yard will add so much beauty. If you need a minimalist backyard design, painting your Beetle and choosing a focal position will do the trick. While painting, you can choose a black color that goes with the theme of your yard, textured colors or patterns, or even paint animals – whichever moves your needle. Below are amazing ways to upcycle your car to beautify your yard.

Using the Beetle as a Planter

With time, most parts on your VW Beetle will fall off. At such times, the Beetle will no longer look as beautiful on colorful paints, but you can still use it to create a beautiful yard. When the doors or windows fall off, you can use the Beetle as a planter for climbing flowers. These flowers can creep from inside the Beetle and grow outwards and outwards.

Using your Beetle as a planter gives you a chance to plant a cluster of flowers in one place instead of using pot planters that will only take a few small-sized flowers.

Use the Seats for Your Outdoor Living Space

Do you grill over the weekend with friends and family? A good grill will be a worthwhile investment, but you need good quality seats too. You can re-purpose the seats of your Beetle into beautiful seats for your outdoor living space.

You might need to create the seat legs and back support with wood to make the seats stable.

Painting the Beetle for your Pets

If you have a furry friend who sleeps outside the main house, you can re-purpose the Beetle into a creative kennel. Dogs love comfort, so instead of building the conventional kennel, re-purpose your Beetle.

While re-purposing the Beetle into a kennel, make it as cozy as possible for your dog while still maintaining an elegant exterior to beautify your yard.

Re-purpose the Beetle into a Kid’s Play Structure

Kids love playing with cars. If you have an old Beetle, you can re-purpose it into a play structure. While doing so, you only need to make the Beetle safe enough for your kids. Ensure that any rusted parts were painted, and sharp parts are removed or covered.

The Beetle, when well painted, can be a play structure by itself, or you can have it as part of a larger wooden play structure. Either way, the kids will love it.

Re-purpose Beetle Parts

If the Beetle is completely broken down, you can re-purpose parts of the car that are still in good shape. Find a place in your yard that can use the doors of the car. You can use these doors as small gates to your kitchen garden. Paint the small gates to match the theme of your outdoor living space.

You can use the tires to create decorative art around the focal point of your yard. These tires can make simple crafts such as caterpillars formed by attaching the side of the tire by side or sophisticated crafts such as art motorcycles using tires. You can also re-purpose the tires and rims into creative seats for your outdoor space – one or two tires for the seat and one tire for the backrest.

If the lights of your Beetle are still functional, you can use them to light up your yard in a decorative manner.


The VW has been on the roads since 1938 – and it is still on the roads in 2020. Over the years, the coupe has seen drastic changes, including upgrades on its technology systems, safety systems, and even its shape. Although its trademark shape still holds, the Beetle has been made more aerodynamic and a little larger. If you have an old Beetle, it is time to use it as décor on your yard and get a newer model with better features, higher speed, safer, and one with a better vintage look. The old car, when used creatively, will make your yard better looking

By: Wilson Sanders

Date: April 7, 2020

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