Positive Effects of Soft Water to Cars

Using soft water in your daily basis has more benefits compared to using hard water That is why most manufacturers usually recommend using the soft water when cleaning their products. There are many ways of getting clean water, and your options are using the water softeners, reverse osmosis, lime softening among others. Water softeners usually play a significant role, especially when used in a car wash system.

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A water softener enables you to remove chemicals such as calcium and magnesium that makes water hard. When water has high levels of these chemicals, they usually cause several damages to the car without being noticed. In our homes, these water clogs the pipes, complicates soap and other detergents. When the scale builds up in the pipes, the efficiency is significantly reduced resulting to wastage of energies. Here are the benefits of using soft water when cleaning a car:

1. Protects cars from water spots
A Water spot is a problem for car owners. These unsightly spots are usually caused by acidic contaminants, inefficient and continuous use of hard water for general cleanliness. A water softener is one way of addressing these issues. To begin with, soft water enables you to wash a car faster compared to hard water. Second, since the minerals in the water will be removed, no spots will be left behind. Third, the absence of particles makes it a magnet for contaminants like dirt, dust, acids from rain, and so on.

2. Prevents scratches
As said in number 1, soft water draws in contaminants. So you will require less effort or stiff brushes and brutal synthetic concoctions that can cause terrible whirls and scratches that may need costly body repairs later on.

3. Saves time
A few users bear witness soft water enables them to save the cleaning time significantly. If you have been washing your car for three hours, for instance, you will be able to spare about 90 minutes which you can use for something else like playing with your children or connecting with your loved ones.

4. Saves water
Furthermore, since you get the chance to flush a car speedier, you spare a ton of water in return. So if you have been devouring 20 gallons of water for car washing at the car wash, you’ll be able to reduce it to 10 gallons for every wash.

5. Saves energy
Since you will save a lot of time from washing and drying, you’ll save a lot of energy as well Car wash workers will be able to handle a lot of cars without getting exhausted thus improving their general income.

6. Saves money
With soft water, you can save some cash from not purchasing extra detergents or extra tools for cleaning the cars. All you require are two containers, microfiber towels, some natural cleanser, and the soft water. In return, you will save some cash.

7. Protects the environment
Also, since you don’t need to use excess chemicals that pollute soil, drainage system and groundwater, you help to keep the environment clean as well.

By: Wilson Sanders

Date: July 24, 2018

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