Tips on Maintaining Vintage Cars

Having a vintage is like keeping a part of the history at your very garage. Like a piece of art, archaeological discovery, and an antique furniture, it is very important that you are careful enough to maintain its beauty and functionality. Here are some basic tips that will help you keep your investment good-looking and well-performing.

Make sure it’s always covered

Rain, wind, and the heat and rays of the sun are some of the enemies of your vintage car.

If your car is exposed to water for a long duration, it will promote the development of rust, eating away your car. This will be a problem since it will be difficult to find the exact parts to replace the rusted ones.

The wind can gust debris to your vehicle, causing scratches and dents.

The sun can cause so much heat, which can affect several parts of your vintage car.

Simply keeping your vintage car covered or safely tucking it inside your garage is one of the most effective ways in keeping your car damaged from those elements.

Regularly inspect the car

Even if you are the most skillful intelligent professional in a field, you will still need a second opinion from time to time. If you do the checkups by yourself, you will still have to ask another professional to inspect your vintage car.

There are countless times where owners miss to find easy adjustments or repairs that can cause bigger problems.

Not only that, a mechanic can also find the parts to replace the damaged ones, saving you the time to do the man-hunt.

Detailing your vehicle

Detailing is the foundation of a great vehicle maintenance. By cleaning every small and big part of your vehicle on a regular basis, your car will prevent getting damages from dirt and grime buildup.

Like any normal car, if your vehicle is dirty, it will result to a bad performance, rusted parts and a cracking paint.

Make sure that you rinse and dry your vehicle meticulously after washing to take away residual soap scum. You also have the option to add a coat of wax to protect your car from outside elements and to keep its vintage look.

However, before you wax, make sure to remove contaminates and oxidation on the surface of your car. If the car paint looks shiny but feels rough, it needs to be treated with a clay bar and a polish. If it appears dull, you will need to gone it over with a bugger. If you feel uncomfortable doing this step, you can call a professional to do it for you.

Take it on the road

There is no fun if you’re just going to lock up a beautiful, vintage car inside your garage. Taking it on the road isn’t just for a show, but it also improves it performance and the ability to last longer.

If you keep it locked up for a long time, it will increase the risk of corrosion, and the rust will be able to stop it from running.

By: Wilson Sanders

Date: October 7, 2016

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